You are the poet and your feelings, the poem.

Hello dear reader and welcome to my haven. “Poems from heart” is a blog that I created in mid 2020 initially as a poetry blog, a space to archive and share my poems. But since then, I have learned and grown, in blogging and in life if I do say so myself.

After visiting and reading a lot of blogs, I now know that it doesn’t have to be just that and that it can be so much more. Consequently, I have made quite a few changes to my blog and the contents on it.

So, I have tried to describe the blog layout below in order to make it easier for the readers to navigate the blog:

Home : Homepage
Blog : Blog page where all posts are posted
Diary : A get to know me section where I talk about my personal feelings and thoughts
Apathetic life : A corner where I share the boring things I do in my life
Blogger Awards : Separate section for all of the blogger award posts
Contact Us : For submissions and contact details

Happy reading and thank you for your love and support. 🙂

Let’s begin the journey...

Author’s Note

A warm welcome to all the lovely readers from the writer of the blog, Coco. I am shy, awkward, introvert struggling with clinical depression, PTSD(Post-traumatic stress disorder) and GAD(General Anxiety Disorder) and am desperately trying to come out of my shell and this blog and all of you readers are a big part of the process. So, join me on my journey through it. 🙂

All criticisms and suggestions are welcome and very appreciated.

Thank you all for your time and support.
Love always. ❤

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